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  Adaptive ion Connecting Network-based Extraction Ion Chromatogram extraction (AiCN-EIC) method is developed to perform EIC extraction for UPLC-HRMS, like UPLC-QTOF.

  The programs have been tested on MATLAB 2015b.

  AiCN-EIC has been implemented in AntDAS2(Automatic untargeted data analysis strategy for metabolomics: Website).

  AiCN-EIC download

  * MATLAB Code : Download

  * DataSet1 :

Sample 1 (tobacco plant sample).
sample 2 (tea sample).
sample 3 (wine sample).

  * DataSet2 :

standards + tea extraction

  Please cite: Peng Lu, Mei-Juan Fan, Qian-Zhang, Qing-Xia Zheng, Ping-Ping Liu, Bing Wang, Jun-Wei Guo, Sheng Wang, Hai-Yan Fu, Yong-Jie Yu, Yuanbin She. A novel strategy for extracted ion chromatogram extraction to improve peak detection in UPLC-HRMS. Analytical Methods, 2018, DOI: 10.1039/c8ay01850b