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  Automatic nontargeted metabolic profiling analysis(anTMPA) method is designed for performing GC-MS data analysis to screen metabolites that show significant difference among various groups.

  Data analysis, including peak extraction, time shift correction, missing peak registration, can be automatically performed.

  All data must be transformed into the CDF format.

  The toolbox must be run in the MATLAB environment.

  anTMPA download

  * anTMPA MATLAB Toolbox : Download

  * Example Data : Download


  H.Y.Fu, O.Hu, Y.M.Zhang, L.Zhang, J.J.Song, P.Lu, Q.X.Zheng, P.P.Liu, Q.S.Chen, B.Wang, X.Y.Wang, L.Han, Y.J.Yu, Mass-spectra-based peak alignment for automatic nontargeted metabolic profilling analysis for biomarker screening in plant samples, Journal of Chromatography A, 2017, 1513, 201-209.